DIY: Serving tray to Soap dish in three (w)hole steps

Step 1: Buy Service tray.

Step 2: Drill a few holes.

Step 3: Start using it.

Sometimes even the most basic DIY can give you a certain satisfaction which is hard to describe. On one hand you think about the “so little” effort required and on the other hand you marvel at what you thought of and brought to reality.

Instead of buying a normal soap dish, I thought of buying any thing which looked good even if its initial usage was not to hold soap bars. While on our weekly home shopping I found this simple service dish. Its color and shape looked quite nice and it seemed a good candidate for adding a bit of color to our otherwise staid washroom.


So out came the drill and a few drill bits.

One small trick I tried was that after drilling the hole, I achieved a bevel effect by using a larger drill bit and shaving off the top surface. Its visible in the leftmost hole in the image below.


Three holes and five minutes later we had an unusual soap dish in our hand.


Do share any project where you got a good outcome by spending just some minimal effort.


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Being based in India, I will focus primarily from that perspective.
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