A handmade Table Light for a gift

Being buried up to my neck in work means there is no time or energy currently left for any new DIY project. However, I have as yet not documented completely the project that I introduced in my earlier post where I stained wood using tea. My sister had requested for a table lamp for her on raksha bandhan when she got to know about my new found hobby.

So I had decided to use my learning from the floor lamp. I enhanced it by using the aforementioned tea staining.

The dimensions for the table light were 1’ x 6” x 6” (inches)

This time, to get as close to perfectly aligned joints as possible, I marked out perpendicular lines on a piece of newspaper.


These acted as guides for the gluing portion of the project. This also helped me in keeping the dimensions of the squares in check.

The result was quite good and I made both the top and bottom pieces using the same technique.


The extra glue that is visible in the picture becomes transparent once it dries and anyway is sanded away as part of finishing. If you look closely on the right strip, the width is different and so there was a risk of skew if I aligned the wrong way. The guides on the paper below helped eliminate that. The wood strips that I used were not very consistent and I could not have much control over that. Instead I used this piece at the bottom of the lamp and got away with it 🙂

Combining these two sides to make the frame of the lamp was a bit tricky and I got carried away and forgot to take a picture for that arrangement.


If you see closely, there is a small off-set between the top (stained) and vertical frame. I decided to have this so that the paper is “inside” the top and bottom and gives a better visual effect than when all pieces are flush with each other.

Once the frame had dried up, I sanded it up to 320 grip emery paper and then used tea to get a wonderful golden hue.

For the lighting part I just used a bulb holder to be placed independently of the lamp frame.Bulb-Holder  I used the one shown at the bottom of the picture. It was much easier than trying to have something attached to the frame and I let that effort pass.

I taped the bottom of the holder so that it hides away the wires and acts as a kind of protection against accidently touching the wires.


The end result:

A very happy sister 🙂


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Being based in India, I will focus primarily from that perspective.
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